YA Books without Romance

Romance can get tiring. Especially now that a majority of Young Adult novels have romance in them. I love my ships and otp’s, but I like to read books with no romance as well since I’m not a very romantic person. After seeing so many of the same romantic plot lines, I go a little crazy. So to avoid going crazy from all of the romance I try to change it up and read a few books with no romance, but it can be hard to find good books that are YA and contain no romance. So I thought I’d compile a list of YA books that I’ve read that contain little to no romance. Enjoy!Read More »



img_1208Please excuse the momentary break from my normal types of posts. I’ve been in a bit of an everything slump lately, so I haven’t exactly felt like writing a post. But I’m slowly emerging so expect normal discussion posts and reviews soon. But until then I thought I’d do a fun currently post because these always look like so much fun. Enjoy 🙂Read More »

Top Ten Tuesday-Books I’ve read because of Another Blogger

I love giving and getting recommendations. Who doesn’t?It’s awesome when someone takes the time to learn your tastes and thinks of you when they read/watch/do something that is similar to those preferences. So whenever someone tells-*cough*demands*cough*-me to read something, I always try to read it…..eventually. I’ll admit, sometimes I am pretty skeptical, but I still give it a whirl. So when I saw this topic I knew I had to participate. Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish So here are a few recommendations that I have received and enjoyed. (also this is a sneaky way for me to recommend these books to you. Go read them!)Read More »

September Recap


I feel like September went by crazy fast. One moment I was stressing about my first post and the next I realized the month was over. I think the month has gone pretty well, though I did ignore my blogging responsibilities the last week or so…… Oops. One month into this blogging commitment and I’m already in a mini blogging slump. Wow. Though in my defense I did have a lot going on IRL (I’m lying…. I did nothing.). I’ll just stop trying to defend myself and get into my reading stats.Read More »