October Recap


I didn’t do the best reading wise and blogging wise this month. And I do have a good excuse, but in a way it was because I simply didn’t feel like it. But I’ll give the excuse anyways.  Life happened. For the last few months all I really did was read and do school, but I actually started doing stuff in October. I joined a Girl Scouts troop, joined swim team, continued going to youth group, did some other things, and just generally started trying more. So whenever I wasn’t doing something (which was admittedly, quite often) I just wanted to chill and fall into some youtube blackholes. But I’m going to try to be much better this month. Since I’m not doing NaNoWriMo I have a lot of time to kill, and hopefully seeing all of these other bloggers being productive will inspire me to keep on writing posts and reading.Read More »