Guide To Converting Your Non-Reader Friends

It’s the holiday season, and that means present shopping. But it can be so hard to shop for someone who doesn’t share the same interests as you, books. So instead of struggling and worrying, why don’t you just convert them to the bookworm life? Then you can shop for books, art prints, totes, phone cases, and everything else fandom related. But thats’s easier said then done. So I decided to give you a step by step guide to converting your non-bookish friends. Make this guide your own and have fun forcing your friends, family, and others to like books helping your friends and family.


Step One: Kidnap non-reader

I know this sounds hard core, but it’s the only way. How else are you going to keep their attention focused and maintain control of all of their free time? If they start to complain, just remind them how big of a favor you’re doing them; I’m sure they’ll understand. Remember that you’ll have to keep them in a well-lit and comfortable area. The subject can’t read if they get headaches from strain. We aren’t cruel.

Step Two: Consider Options

You have a big task ahead of you! It’s time to decide what books are best for your victim non-reader. I find it helpful to look at what movies or tv shows they like. Once you discuss their preferences, you can narrow down your search. Be carfeul with your first few recommendations. Don’t give someone who hates romance The Selection or a Morgan Matson book. That will turn them off to the rest of your recommendations. You have to start off with books that you’re sure they’ll like. (note: Once you gain the non-reader’s trust you can get a little crazier with recommendations. I’ve slowly introduced a few of my friends to fantasy and even converted one or two to the genre! But you have to go slowly.)


Step Three: Provide Support

Once your non-bookworm has books to read, it’s time to settle in and wait. Everyone reads at different paces so stay patient. Feel free to talk to the person about their reading (NO SPOILERS!!! thank you.) but don’t nag. If they don’t enjoy the book(s) you recommended, don’t be discouraged. Find out what they didn’t like and find new books with that in mind. It’s important to provide physical and emotional support during this time. It can be hard to go from a simple person to an amazing bookworm. There’s many new things they will need to learn (example: ships, otp, dnf, tbr, HP, how horrible the PJ movies are, au, fanfiction, etc.), and you should do your best to guide them.

Step Four: Enjoy Success

Now that you have a newly crafted bookworm, survey and appreciate your work. You’ve created an even better person. Hopefully they will understand that you had no choice but to kidnap them and go home peacefully. If they do, you can begin the fun stuff. Recommend everything! They will be yearning for new material to devour and you might as well be a five star chef. You are a mentor to this baby bookworm so take your position seriously but have fun with it. If they don’t….. you didn’t hear any of these tips from me. Shhhh……

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed this humorous post. It was loads of fun to write. Any other step by step guides you’d like to see? Let me know that and all of your other thoughts in the comments!



4 thoughts on “Guide To Converting Your Non-Reader Friends

  1. Haha! I️ love this post. So fun, and obviously completely logical??😉And hey, it showed up in my reader this time, maybe I️ just missed your other posts. Great job, Brooke! (And I️ love your bookish photography in this post.)


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