Best, Worst, and Everything In Between-My 2017 Reads

2017 was a rough year for me reading wise. I struggled with book slumps and time management, but overall, I’m pretty happy with my reading last year. If you want to see everything I read last year you can check out my goodreads, but I thought it’s be fun to do a little award show of sorts and talk about the most memorable books from last year.


Biggest Disappointment

Everything, Everything was so disappointing.  It was just so cliché and predictable. I think I had it figured out after chapter two or three. Plus it was the definition of doing stupid things for “love”. I was hoping the ending wouldn’t go as I guessed and would redeem itself a little bit, but it followed the plan to a t. *sigh* . I can see the appeal to a certain level but it just was not for me. Maybe my friends who don’t read a lot would enjoy it. I hope to rent the movie soon to see if it did better in that format.



Book That Made Me Cry (Actual Tears)   

I got A Monster Calls for Christmas and fell in love. It was beautiful, refreshing middle grade book- WHeN iT wASn’t STaBbinG mE iN THe HEarT!!!! I could tell where the book was going, and the build up was perfect. My emotions were fully invested, and I was prepared to cry. And I did. I cried. I 100% recommend A Monster Calls. Don’t know what I was expecting, but I was completely surprised in the best way possible.


Best Fantasy

Magic, swords, multiple worlds, romance, cute siblings, and amazing characters? Heck. Yes. A Darker Shade of Magic was made for this award. Victoria Schwab blew me away again! Now, This is actually an adult fantasy series, but I totally thought it was just YA with slightly older characters until I was already done with the series ;P.  Totally reads like YA in the best ways. If I hadn’t had to wait to get the books (library holds, man), I could have easily finished this series in a few days. Totally addicting.


Best Sequel (that I Might Have Been Impatiently Waiting For)

Victoria Schwab strikes again!! (do I sense a new favorite author??) I don’t even know how to talk about Our Dark Duet (I literally just started tearing up from just thinking about it…. This book man…. The feels.). It’s the sequel to This Savage Song-also amazing-and iT BleW mY MInD. IT. WAS. SO. GOOD. The characters, the plot, the angst-ajsdfnlkrndvx. I want to talk about it more, but I feel like I’ll just be rambling even more. It’s amazing. Go read this series- now, please. And then come back so we can fangirl together.


Best Contemporary

The Hate U Give totally surprised me. I knew nothing about this book until I suddenly saw it everywhere on twitter. Out of curiosity, I checked it out from the library and was blown away. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was 99.99% better than that. It wasn’t preachy or overwhelming. In reality, it focused heavily on characters and relationships (friends, family, and significant others). Starr was the perfect MC. She was real and complex; someone I could totally imagine meeting. She really made the story what it was meant to be- an important look on struggles happening to people of color in America, but with loads of humor and realness.

Funniest YA Book

According to my friends, I’m a funny person. On top of that, I love to read, watch, or listen to anything funny. Basically I’m constantly exposed to funny things and people. The first- the first– YA book I think of when I think humor (excluding anything Rick Riordan) is Illuminae. However, that cannot be the winner of this category because I read that in 2016. I bet you’re thinking, “Why’d you bring that up Brooke? Stop trying to talk about Illuminae.” But do you know what Illuminae has?? A hilarious sequel!! Gemina took everything that was great from Illuminae, added some amazing new characters, aliens, and gorgeous drawings. Gemina is one of the few books that made me both cry and giggle hysterically.


The Best Book I Read All Year

Here it comes. The best book of the year. Normally this would be a difficult decision for me, but I knew as soon as I started this post what book I was going to give this title to. Eliza and Her Monsters blew me away. It saved me from my slump, made me tear up, giggle, and fall in love with basically everything. This book was seriously made for me- or anyone who is apart of a fandom or seriously passionate in such a powerful way. I’ve already reread this book, and I read it for the first time in May, so that shows you how much I enjoyed this. The characters are adorable, the plot was unique, and it showed such a real side of the internet/fandom/online creator world.

There you have it! Some of the most notable books I read last year! What were some of the standout books for you? Have you read any of the books I talked about? Did I leave anything out? Talk to me in the comments!





2 thoughts on “Best, Worst, and Everything In Between-My 2017 Reads

  1. Okay, I am adding Eliza and Her Monsters to my TBR right now! *goes to goodreads* I have wanted to read The Hate U Give for ages now, but it’s always checked out of my library. After all the hype about it (I have never heard anything but praise!) I’m almost scared to read it. 🙂 As for Everything, Everything, I really enjoyed it. Though you do make a really good point about how she risked everything for love- definitely not the best example to follow. Plus, it did have some questionable parts. Great post, Brooke!


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