Interrogating Illuminae

After posting my last post, I was looking through some mysterious documents and stumbled upon a file from an old interrogation. It was pretty interesting to read, and I thought you guys might like to read it as well! I don’t know who the interrogator is, but she sounds both fabulous and hilarious…… Enjoy!

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Defeating book slumps pt. 2

About two weeks ago I posted a post about the different types of book slumps (here), but today I’m going to be sharing my tips and strategies for getting over slumps. It seems like slumps are becoming more and more well known, and I think that’s great! There are so many types of slumps (blogging slumps, reading slumps, writing slumps, and basically everything in between!) and it can be comforting to know that someone else gets you or went through the same things. That’s one of the reasons why I wanted to make this mini series! But sometimes you need more than comfort. You need good, solid tips on how others got out of their slumps and that’s what I hope to deliver today! These tips are designed and written about reading slumps, but I think they could be modified to help you move past any of your slumps (at least, I hope so). Here are my top five ways to get past reading slumps.


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Defeating Book Slumps pt. 1

As I mentioned in my last post, I got caught up in a horrible, long-lasting book slump last year. I was able to overcome it after about 6 months of pain, and I thought I’d make the process a little easier for others by talking about what helped me overcome my slump. But before I got into my tips for defeating a slump, I thought I’d give you a look at what slumps are like for me. Book slumps or slumps in general can look very different, but I singled out my top blank most common slumps.


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Top Three Books I Read This Summer

This summer I, finally, defeated my reading slump. I’m not talking about some one month or even two month reading slump. I was stuck in this rut for over six months! I didn’t have any motivation to do anything reading wise. I couldn’t read books I’d spent months waiting for, I didn’t want to write anything, and I barely got through my school books. But then, as I was finishing up school for the summer, I found the motivation and dove right back into things. I read over thirty books this summer! That may not sound like a lot, but I was on vacation for all of June and a large portion of July, so I’m really proud of the fact I managed to find my stride again. So today I thought I’d share with you a few of the best books I read this summer.Read More »

October Recap


I didn’t do the best reading wise and blogging wise this month. And I do have a good excuse, but in a way it was because I simply didn’t feel like it. But I’ll give the excuse anyways.  Life happened. For the last few months all I really did was read and do school, but I actually started doing stuff in October. I joined a Girl Scouts troop, joined swim team, continued going to youth group, did some other things, and just generally started trying more. So whenever I wasn’t doing something (which was admittedly, quite often) I just wanted to chill and fall into some youtube blackholes. But I’m going to try to be much better this month. Since I’m not doing NaNoWriMo I have a lot of time to kill, and hopefully seeing all of these other bloggers being productive will inspire me to keep on writing posts and reading.Read More »

YA Books without Romance

Romance can get tiring. Especially now that a majority of Young Adult novels have romance in them. I love my ships and otp’s, but I like to read books with no romance as well since I’m not a very romantic person. After seeing so many of the same romantic plot lines, I go a little crazy. So to avoid going crazy from all of the romance I try to change it up and read a few books with no romance, but it can be hard to find good books that are YA and contain no romance. So I thought I’d compile a list of YA books that I’ve read that contain little to no romance. Enjoy!Read More »