Review policy 

Hey guys! Thanks for considering me to review a book you love, are publishing, or wrote. Before you send me a request please go through these lists so that you can make sure your book fits the criteria.

Books I review: 

  • Young Adult and Middle Grade
  • Fantasy(high and low)/Sci-fi
  • Contemporary
  • Historical fiction
  • Dystopian
  • Graphic Novels
  • Christian fiction
  • Mysteries/mild thriller

Books I will not review: 

  • Adult fiction
  • Erotica/unclean Romance
  • Horror
  • Paranormal

Further Details: 

I will not read any books with heavy swearing, underage drinking, sexual content, ect.

I am currently accepting books to review. I am also open to ARCs        (Advance Readers Copy).

My ratings and meanings: 

Five stars: I loved this book! I will recommend it to everyone. An amazing read. I’d definitely be willing to read more books by the author.

Four stars: I really enjoyed this book. It was overall a great read with a few flaws. I’d recommend it to people who I think would like it.

Three stars: Not bad, just mediocre. It was enjoyable but with a few major flaws. Overall enjoyable. Probably won’t be rereading it anytime soon.

Two stars: This book had some major flaws. Not horrible but not completely enjoyable. Probably won’t recommend this to anyone

One star: I did not like this at all. The flaws where huge with very little to no good points. Will not recommend to anyone.

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