The Bookshelf Tag

img_1359I thought it was appropriate to post the bookshelf tour after giving you a tour of my bookshelves.Since I didn’t actually get tagged to do this, I won’t tag anyone. But if you want to do the tag, I highly encourage it. It was loads of fun to take all of the pictures and find candidates for the categories. Without further ado…. The Bookshelf Tag. Continue reading

Bookshelf Tour

Since I haven’t shown my bookshelves to you guys I thought I would do a little bookshelf tour today and a bookshelf tag later on in the week. That way you can get an in depth look at my favorite things (my bookshelves and the books in them). I have multiple bookshelves, and all of them are different. I started out with just one, but my book collection just kept on growing so I had to be creative and find unique shelves that work with my room size. Now onto the first shelf!! Continue reading

October Recap


I didn’t do the best reading wise and blogging wise this month. And I do have a good excuse, but in a way it was because I simply didn’t feel like it. But I’ll give the excuse anyways.  Life happened. For the last few months all I really did was read and do school, but I actually started doing stuff in October. I joined a Girl Scouts troop, joined swim team, continued going to youth group, did some other things, and just generally started trying more. So whenever I wasn’t doing something (which was admittedly, quite often) I just wanted to chill and fall into some youtube blackholes. But I’m going to try to be much better this month. Since I’m not doing NaNoWriMo I have a lot of time to kill, and hopefully seeing all of these other bloggers being productive will inspire me to keep on writing posts and reading. Continue reading

YA Books without Romance

Romance can get tiring. Especially now that a majority of Young Adult novels have romance in them. I love my ships and otp’s, but I like to read books with no romance as well since I’m not a very romantic person. After seeing so many of the same romantic plot lines, I go a little crazy. So to avoid going crazy from all of the romance I try to change it up and read a few books with no romance, but it can be hard to find good books that are YA and contain no romance. So I thought I’d compile a list of YA books that I’ve read that contain little to no romance. Enjoy! Continue reading


img_1208Please excuse the momentary break from my normal types of posts. I’ve been in a bit of an everything slump lately, so I haven’t exactly felt like writing a post. But I’m slowly emerging so expect normal discussion posts and reviews soon. But until then I thought I’d do a fun currently post because these always look like so much fun. Enjoy 🙂 Continue reading

Top Ten Tuesday-Books I’ve read because of Another Blogger

I love giving and getting recommendations. Who doesn’t?It’s awesome when someone takes the time to learn your tastes and thinks of you when they read/watch/do something that is similar to those preferences. So whenever someone tells-*cough*demands*cough*-me to read something, I always try to read it…..eventually. I’ll admit, sometimes I am pretty skeptical, but I still give it a whirl. So when I saw this topic I knew I had to participate. Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish So here are a few recommendations that I have received and enjoyed. (also this is a sneaky way for me to recommend these books to you. Go read them!) Continue reading

September Recap


I feel like September went by crazy fast. One moment I was stressing about my first post and the next I realized the month was over. I think the month has gone pretty well, though I did ignore my blogging responsibilities the last week or so…… Oops. One month into this blogging commitment and I’m already in a mini blogging slump. Wow. Though in my defense I did have a lot going on IRL (I’m lying…. I did nothing.). I’ll just stop trying to defend myself and get into my reading stats. Continue reading